He started his professional career as a member of the Zupay Quartet.
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Since 1994, he has been
a voice and repertoire teacher at (IUNA).

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His international career includes performing tours
in the U.S. and Europe.

In 1993 created the Cultural Project "La Scala in San Telmo" (Konex Award 1988),
being its artistic director until January 2008.

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Baritone, musical director, teacher and culture manager. He was born in 1946.
He began his studies at the Superior School
of Arts of the Colón Theater and later
pursued them at the Escuela Superior
de Canto de Madrid.
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In 1984 he founded the ensemble "De Romances y Cantares",
with the objective of studying, recreating and spreading
Spanish music, ranging
from Renaissance to
present day music.

•  Honor Diploma of the Argentine Association of Chamber Music to the “Cuarteto Zupay”. 1970
• Honor Scholarship of the Colegio Mayor Argentino of Madrid 1973
• First prize the “Concurso para jóvenes valores" organized by Radio Nacional. 1975
• Prize awarded to La Scala de San Telmo by the Association of Art and Culture. 1993
•  Prize awarded to La Scala de San Telmo by the Association of Musical Critics. 1994
• Nominated for ACE Prize (Association of Entertainment Reporters) as director and performer in “El Retablo de Manuel y Federico”. 1996
•  KONEX Prize - Special Mention (Classical music) awarded to La Scala de San Telmo. 1999
•  Teatro del Mundo Prize awarded to La Scala de San Telmo by the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center of Buenos Aires University. 1999
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