"De Romances y Cantares" ensemble

Eduardo Cogorno
Omar Cyrulnik guitar and percussion
Jorge Biscardi guitar
Sergio Bergoglio flutes

Creator and conductor: Eduardo Cogorno

Performing career
Landmarks in its long and interesting performing career are numerous concerts in important auditoriums: Salón Dorado del Teatro Nacional Cervantes, Salón Dorado del Teatro Colón, Museo Fernández Blanco, Museo Larreta, Centro Cultural Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Fundación San Telmo, Instituto de Cultura Hispánica, Café Mozart, Auditorio del Centro Cultural Recoleta, Hall del Teatro San Martín, La Scala de San Telmo, Clásica y Moderna, Teatro de las Américas (Asunción, Paraguay), Promúsica de Chacabuco, Asociación Cultural y Patriótica Española, Tercer Festival Musical Llao-Llao, Mozarteum Argentino en Pringles, Hotel Castelar, Auditorio UCEMA, AMIA, Centro Cultural Bernardino Rivadavia (Rosario), Conservatorio Gilardo Gilardi ( La Plata ), Museo Histórico Sarmiento, Colegio Público de Abogados (Fundación Encuentros Internacionales de Música contemporánea), Teatro Español (Festival Cervantino de Azul) as well as other public and private institutions.

”The ensemble De Romances y Cantares has been awarded the sponsorship of the Spanish Embassy through its Consejería Cultural, in recognition of its sole dedication to Spanish music and its promotion, as well as of the many merits of this musical ensemble”. The Counsellor for Culture and Cooperation of the Spanish Embassy in Argentina, don Luis Prados Covarrubias,
has congratulated the condutor, baritone Eduardo Cogorno,
for “his tireless work in the promotion of Spanish music and poetry”

"Out of legendary Spain , with the art of minstrels…
Baritone Eduardo Cogorno is not only an artist who is comfortable in Renaissance music, he is a singer formed in a
demanding school who, besides his professional activity as such, practices the art of minstrels of legendary Spain.
He possesses both the technical means required and the communicativeness and lack of inhibition that this genre demands”.
Pompeyo Camps. Clarín. 9 de noviembre de 1988
"Eduardo Cogorno celebrates thirty years in music...
Eduardo Cogorno's voice remains impeccable, he develops this show between poetry and songs, together with an excellent
group of musicians as Marcela Fiorillo (a sensitive pianist), Jorge Biscardi y Omar Cyrulnik (virtuose guitarists), Sergio Bergoglio
(an able flutist)..... Cogorno himself was responsible for a sober staging with minimal elements of scenery (provided by Fabián Mecle) and beautiful lighting designed in an evocative style by Horacio Fernández. ..This is indeed a loving encounter between Cogorno
and his audience, that has been following him for three decades, accomplices in his love for Spains art and creativity,
...for which he always finds the exact tone and the genuine Spanish demeanour”.
Eduardo Giorello (El Día, La Plata, 2/12/2000)
“For the last nine yeras, on the small stage of La Scala, baritone Eduardo Cogorno has been providing a space for different forms
of the highest artistic quality. This time, the show samples some of the warmest pages of the Spanish short narrative poems,
to celebrate Cogorno's thirty years in music. Wonderfully escorted by the guitars of Jorge Biscardi and Omar Cyrulnik,
and the flutes of Sergio Bergoglio, Cogorno's voice is as magnifcent in the anonymous Sephardic song Adío,
querida and the lovely Más vale trocar, by Juan del Encina, among other melodies.
The simple scenery is proof that no spectacular production is necessary to create beauty .”

Jorge Montiel. Revista Luna, April 2001
“De Romances y Cantares”
Eduardo Cogorno, a clear and rich voices, is beautifully complemented by the instrument players. The whole ensemble makes its music with moving passion and expression. Cogorno knows how to lead his audience in such hapiness so that this becomes an unforgettable experience. His extraordianry performances and the attractive atmosphere of this caringly remodelled house make this evening an unforgettable experience. Argentinisches Tageblatt , November 6, 2004.
A fine show
On August 30 the Ensemble “De Romances y Cantares”, from the Federal Capital, presented a show called “Un retablo español”
at the Insituto Magnasco. Just like the altarpieces in churches, whose adjoining parts tell stories, the ensemble's repertoire walked
the audience through Spanish poetry and music of different times with a selection of songs and instrumental pieces as well as poems. Baritone Eduardo Cogorno, conductor of the Ensemble, was responsible for this excellent program, filled with the vitality, freshness, and deep popular significance that has prevailed throughout Spanish song. He possesses an extremely well trained voice and good acting skills that allowed him to render both pieces that seek out the simplicity, sense of beauty and suggestion of a short phrase
as well as the magical power of a story that leaves the door open for imagination. The musicians that make up “De Romances y Cantares”, Omar Cyrulnik (guitar), Jorge Biscardi (guitar) and Sergio Bergoglio (flutes) were proof that the Ensemble has achieved
a high level of professional competence. These talented professional performers are responsible for the musical arrangements;
they possess an accuracy and preciseness that is unusual in this kind of music. A perfect balance of percussion instruments
as well as triangles, bells and tambourines were the excellent accompaniment for the rich sonorities achieved by the musicians,
with delicate pedal tones that supported the harmony in certain pieces. Summing up, this was a valuable and fine show
that the audience enjoyed and celebrated with enthusiastic applause. We are grateful to the Instituto Magnasco
for this opportunity and for facing the risks involved in any exquisite undertaking.
Javier Fazzio
Opera y Operetta - Chamber music - Religious Music - "De Romances y Cantares" ensemble - Abroad
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