Eduardo Cogorno, a baritone, musical director, teacher and culture manager, was born in 1946. He began his studies in music under the guidance of Susana Naidich and pursued them later at the
Superior School of Arts of the Colón Theater.
He attended the School of Architecture of the University
of Buenos Aires for four years. In 1969 he joined the University
Choir of the School of Architecture
, conducted by Antonio Russo.

He started his professional career as a member of the Zupay Quartet.
He performed in radio and televsion programs, festivals (Cosquín, Baradero, Balcarce, etc.) and in recitals in important theaters in Buenos Aires (Ópera, Payró, Pte. Alvear, Regina, Botica del Angel, etc.)
and in the interior of the country (Independencia de Mendoza,
Rivera Indarte de Córdoba, etc.) sponsored by national entities
and various institutions.

In 1971 he was invited to Spain by the well known music pedagogue
Lola Rodríguez Aragón. There he pursued his studies at the Escuela
Superior de Canto de Madrid, under the guidance of voice teachers
Isabel Penagos e Inés Rivadeneyra. He passed the admission test
to join the National Choir of Spain, an institution that
depends on the Ministry of Arts and Sciences.
Back in Argentina, he continued his studies with Angel Mattiello,
Mary Jordan, Irma Urteaga, Catalina Hadis, Leo Schwarz
and Guillermo Opitz, among others.
He has performed under the conduction of maestros
Antonio García Navarro, Antonio Russo, Enrique Ricci, Jorge Lechner, Pbro. Jesús Segade, Cristián Hernández Larguía, Jorge Fontenla,
Juan Emilio Martini, Mario Benzecry and Simón Blech among others.
As Artistic Director he has organized over 5000 shows,
both at La Scala de San Telmo and in important cycles at the
Nacional Library, the Castelar Hotel, the Secretary of Culture
of the Argentine Presidency, UCEMA Auditorium, the Bank Boston Foundation, the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Cultural
Foundation of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, etc.
La Scala de San Telmo

Eduardo Cogorno with
the singers
Ana Maria Osorio and
Manuel Cid
at La Scala.

In 1993 created the Cultural Project
"La Scala in San Telmo" (Konex Award 1988),
being its artistic director until January 2008.
He organized numerous shows in this area
and in major halls as the National Library, Castelar Hotel, Secretary of Culture of the Presidency of the Nation, UCEMA Auditorium, Bank Boston Foundation,
National Museum of Fine Arts, Culture House
of the Government of Buenos Aires, etc...
He was a founding partner of Asociación Civil La Scala
San Telmo
, an institution that emerged with the purpose
to promote the Argentine artists of talent and has ceased
to belong to it in 2008, considering his erratic driving.
"De Romances y Cantares"

In 1984 he founded the ensemble "De Romances y Cantares", with the objective of studying, recreating and spreading Spanish music, ranging from Renaissance to present day music. In recognition of the numerous recitals in important theaters in Buenos Aires and the interior of the country as well the favorable reviews of musical critiques,
it was awarded sponsorship by the Spanish Embassy.

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