Other shows
1995 - "Gala de Tango (Classical music and tango)"
Marcela Fiorillo (piano), Néstor Tedesco (cello), Eduardo Cogorno (baritone).
Scenery and lights: Margarita Hnilo. Realization: José Neira. Idea and regie: Eduardo Cogorno
Pieces by Manzi – Troilo, López de la Rosa, Giacobbe, Daluisio, Sáenz y Piazzolla.
La Scala de San Telmo y Abril Cultural Salteño.
1997/2011- "Renaceré en Buenos Aires (Un tributo a Astor Piazzolla)"

1997-1998 - Eduardo Cogorno (voice), Adriana Rodríguez (flute), Jorge Biscardi (guitar),
Enrique Prémoli (piano), “Dúo Sur”: Hernán Scotto (saxophone) and Vanesa Cordantonópulos (piano).
1999 - Eduardo Cogorno (canto), Adriana Rodríguez (flute),
Jorge Biscardi (guitar), “Dúo Sur”: Hernán Scotto (saxophone) and Vanesa Cordantonópulos (piano).
2000 - Eduardo Cogorno (voice), Adriana Rodríguez (flute), Jorge Biscardi (guitar).
2001 - Eduardo Cogorno (voice), Adriana Rodríguez (flute),
Jorge Biscardi (guitar), Hernán Scotto (saxophone) and Enrique Prémoli (piano).
2002 - Eduardo Cogorno (voice), Adriana Rodríguez (flute),
Jorge Biscardi (guitar), Enrique Prémoli (piano) y Mariano Nardini (saxo).
2003/2004 - Eduardo Cogorno (voice), Adriana Rodríguez (flute),
Jorge Biscardi (guitar), Enrique Prémoli (piano) and Carla Algeri (bandoneón).
2011 - Katie Viqueira y Eduardo Cogorno (voice), Adriana Rodríguez (flute),
Néstor Tedesco (violoncello), Ricardo Aconcia y Jorge Biscardi (guitar) y Matías Piégari (piano).

Idea and regie: Eduardo Cogorno.
La Scala de San Telmo. Ctro. Cultural Borges. Fundación Bank Boston. Auditorio UCEMA y Museo Histórico Sarmiento.
Sponsored by the Fundación Astor Piazzolla and the National Secretary of Culture.

1997 - "Encuentro (Tiempo de cantar)"
Duet Verna-Vittar Smith and Eduardo Cogorno (members of “Cuarteto Zupay”)
Osvaldo Burucuá y Omar Cyrulnik (guitars).
Lights: Margarita Hnilo. Regie and staging: Eduardo Cogorno.
This show recreates the warm and intimate atmosphere of meetings between friends, musicians and poets.
Traditional Spanish and Sephardic songs and pieces by Leguizamón-Castilla, Ariel Ramírez-Félix Luna, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Piazzolla-Borges, Dávalos, María Elena Walsh and others.
Two worlds, two traditions that meet to bring in emotion and create “the perfect space to exchange
sounds from our souls”, in the words of our beloved friend.
1998/1999 - "Misia (En busca de la musa perdida)"
Marta Blanco (mezzosoprano), Eduardo Cogorno (baritone), Nicolás Bernazzani / Cristian Zabala (sopranist - dance),
Alicia Mazzieri and Enrique Prémoli (piano). Scenery and costumes: Mayenko Hlousek. Puppets: Alejandra Farley.
Lights: Roberto Traferri. Coreography: Beatriz Chaiquín. Consultant on painting: Lic. Mario Orione.
Idea, music selection, dramatic structure and staging: Eduardo Cogorno.
Music by Cavalieri, Tchaicovski, Faure, Duparc, Debussy, Ravel, Offenbach, Satie, Liszt, Hahn, Massenet,
Gounod, Messager, O. Strauss, Poulenc and Strawinsky. A portrait of an era and its artistic magnificence,
it also tells about the relentless passing of time in the ambiguous and fascinating character of MISIA SERT,
inspiring muse of great creators. The characters and their music appear beyond realism, through the atmosphere created by the scenery, the lights, and the projection of paintings by Renoir, Touluse Lautrec, Bonnard, Vuillard, Picasso and otros.
Sponsored by Radio Clásica and the French Embassy.
“Swann considered that musical motives were true ideas, from another world, of a different order.
Ideas shrouded by unknown darkness, inaccessible to intelligence.” (M. Proust )
1999 - "Amores Republicanos (Le chant de Marianne)"
Eleonora Noga Alberti (soprano), Adriana Rodríguez ( flute), Jorge Biscardi (guitar) and Eduardo Nicouleau (percussion).
Alejandra Farley (mask), Beatriz Chaiquín (coreography), Mayenko Hlousek (scenery and lights).
Regie and staging: Eduardo Cogorno. La Scala de San Telmo y Alianza Francesa.
1999 - "Canta San Telmo (Un puñal y una guitarra)"
Amanda Lucero and Eduardo Cogorno (songs and stories), Perla Santalla (off stage stories), Gustavo de Tanti and Alejo Caramés (guitars), Adriana Rodríguez (flute). Idea and texts: José Luis Saenz.
Consultant on repertoire: Oscar Del Priore. Slides: Edit Binaghi and Susana Spiegler.
Scenery: Fabián Mecle. Regie and staging: Eduardo Cogorno.
Tangos, valses y milongas de Canaro-Pelay, Battistella-Le Pera, Blomberg-Maciel, Malerba-Manzi, Bardi, Villoldo, Piana-Manzi, Troilo-Sábato, Guastavino-Borges, Rivero-Ferrer, Piazzolla-Solanas, Blázquez, M. E. Walsh and others.
2003 - "Gardel-Borges-Piazzolla (Tres grandes y el tango)"
Eduardo Cogorno (voice), Carla Algeri (bandoneón), Jorge Biscardi (guitar), Adriana Rodríguez (flute),
Osvaldo Maffeo and Enrique Prémoli (piano). Idea and regie: Eduardo Cogorno.
Pieces by Gardel-Lepera (El día que me quieras, Mi Buenos Aires querido, Volver, Cuesta abajo, Soledad,
Sus ojos se cerraron
y Melodía de arrabal ), by Piazzolla-Borges (Cuatro canciones porteñas),
by Piazzolla-Ferrer (Milonga en Ay menor, La última grela y Preludio para el año 3001)
and by the same author the instrumental pieces Compadre, Tango Nro. 2, Libertango, Chau París and Lo que vendrá.
2006 - "Carta a Mozart (Un verano con Amadeus)"
Inspired on a text by María Elena Walsh “A letter to Mozart”. La Scala de San Telmo.
Cast: 20 singers on scholarship from the Seminario “Proyecto Amadeus 2006”. Pianist: Enrique Prémoli.
Lights and assistant regie: Margarita Hnilo. Coreography: Beatriz Chaiquín.
Costumes: EC & RV. Scenery realization: Taller de Escenografía del CCR and Carolina Wasinger.
Vocal, musical and style caoch: Marta Blanco.
Music by Mozart y Fernando Albinarrate (Argentine composer living in Paris).
Idea, dramatic structure and regie: Eduardo Cogorno.

“A sumer with Amadeus. A dream or a nightmare?” In the torrid summer of Buenos Aires, on January 27, 2006, on his 250th birthday, Mozart comes from the other world onto our crazy city, attracted by the exotic interpretations that conductor Waldo de los Ríos and soprano Ginamaria Hidalgo make of his 40th. Symphony and by an uncertain version of the aria of the Queen of the Night by
a fatigued coloratura soprano. Why not? The media migt not have enough room to tell us the good news and most probably
audiencies will crowd stadiums only to listen to the Rolling Stones and Sabina. Only an elite with hich purchasing power will go to the Colón Theater and pay a 15000 euro ticket (a useless expense, since Amadeus will be absent without notice, sharing some time with teachers and composers of classical music in rags, piqueteros, folklorists and tango people, Tinelli's intolerale wonderkids,
a beautiful coloratura soprano and the young singers of the Amadeus Project).
2008 /2011- "Canciones de María Elena Walsh y Astor Piazzolla"
Eduardo Cogorno (barítono)
Ricardo Aconcia (guitarra, bajo y arreglos digitales)

Auditorio AMIA, Museo Sarmiento, Universidad Maimónides, Universidad del Salvador, Auditorio UCEMA,
Teatro Municipal de Olavarría, Teatro Español de General Villegas, Clásica y Moderna.
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