Reencuentro - Canciones de María Elena Walsh y Astor Piazzolla -

Eduardo Cogorno

Ricardo Aconcia

1. Como la cigarra - María Elena Walsh 3.09 DEMO 230 KB
2. Serenata para la tierra de uno - María Elena Walsh
3.15 DEMO 230 KB
3. Balada para mi muerte - Piazzolla – Ferrer
3 DEMO 230 KB
4. Jacinto Chiclana - Piazzolla – Borges 2.53 DEMO 230 KB
Alguien le dice al tango - Piazzolla – Borges 2.13 DEMO 230 KB
Preludio para el año 3001 - Piazzolla – Ferrer 4.24 DEMO 230 KB
Barco quieto - María Elena Walsh 2.55 DEMO 230 KB
Sin señal de adiós - María Elena Walsh 2.38 DEMO 230 KB
El gordo triste (Homenaje a Aníba l Troilo) - Piazzolla – Ferrer 3.40 DEMO 230 KB
10. Chiquilín de Bachín - Piazzolla - Ferrer 3.54 DEMO 230 KB
11. Endecha española - María Elena Walsh
3.19 DEMO 230 KB
Vals municipal - María Elena Walsh 3.14 DEMO 230 KB
Adiós Nonino - Astor Piazzolla 3.55 DEMO 230 KB
Balada para un loco - Piazzolla – Ferrer 4.19 DEMO 230 KB
Duration 47.19

BUENOS AIRES HERALD, Saturday, April 10, 2010
“This is how tango is sung” By ALFREDO CERNADAS
EDUARDO COGORNO (barítono) RICARDO ACONCIA (guitarra y arreglos)
Canciones de María Elena Walsh y Astor Piazzolla

“Eduardo Cogorno has led a life rich with musical activities that include folk (as member of de Zupay quartet), opera, chamber music, stage director, conductor, voice teacher, actor not to mention other artistic leanings, that include painting, potery and puppets.He befriend guitarist, Ricardo Aconcia in grade school but eventually their roads parted, until three years ago. This record, aptly called Reencuentro (Reunion) is the result of their happy reunion three years ago.The choice of songs is dedicated to two of the most distinguished Argentine song composers of the last century, Astor Piazzolla and María Elena Walsh. He revolutionized tango and she created a series of delightful plays and songs for children until she realized that shecould compose delghtful songs for adults, filled with irony and feeling. Cogorno has a warm baritone voice and phrases like a Lieder singer, with lots of nuance. His low register is especially effective in Piazzolla´s dark Preludio para el año 3001 (Prelude for the Year 3001) but is equally fine in Walsh´s Serenata para la tierra de uno (Serenade for Ones´s Land). Aconcia wrote the fine arrangements and played all the instruments.”
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